The Abercrombie Textiles 2014 outdoor fabric collection is here! Attendees at ITMA Showtime on Dec. 9-13 will get to see the collection when they visit Abercrombie’s showroom at 333 S. Wrenn St.

Abercrombie Textiles built on their 2013 collection by adding more textures in the $5.50-$7.50 range, as well as more Indoor/Outdoor patterns ($9.95-16.95) and textures ($8.95-9.95) that combine high UV performance with soft a hand that is designed for upholstery in the home.

Some highlights in the 2014 collection include…

Up-the-roll stripes

Bleach cleanability

Fabrics made with Repreve® recycled fiber

Contact us to see the new 2014 outdoor collection.

Indoor / Outdoor stripes

Eclectic up-the-roll stripes are a part of the Abercrombie Textiles 2014 outdoor collection


“Totally Textures” is the theme for the Abercrombie Textiles™ Showtime event this June.

We’ll be displaying over 500 textures in our High Point showroom. Abercrombie Textiles™ customers are invited to visit our design facility and see even more textures.

Our residential and hospitality customers will enjoy seeing brand new textures as well as new colors for 30+ textures from previous seasons.

Good news for everyone who has inquired about our 2013 outdoor fabric collection: It’s here!  Starting Nov 1st, Abercrombie Textiles™ will be rolling out the latest outdoor patterns from our Ecovation™ fabrics.

This collection is made from recycled plastic bottles using the revolutionary REPREVE® Recycled Fiber by Unifi.

The entire line will be on display in our showrooms at ITMA Showtime this December. By then, we’ll also be debuting the other half our 2013 outdoor line–the American Summer Collection.  Stay tuned for more photos and information, or contact our national sales team to see these recycled outdoor fabrics in person.


Abercrombie Textiles™ is coming to BusCon Expo this September.  We will be showing our latest jacquard patterns designed for the transportation market as well as solids, textures and the latest in stain resistant technology.

BusCon Expo is held at Navy Pier on September 11-13, with a welcome reception for displaying attendees on September 10.

Click here for BusCon Expo info.




JULY 1, 2012

Excerpts taken from CASUAL LIVING MAGAZINE–

“The advances in alternative premium yarns, like polyester, have opened up new horizons for Abercrombie to offer our customers,” said John Regan, CEO, Abercrombie Textiles, Cliff side, N.C., “We can now offer better sustainability, better water protection and better stain protection, a completely sustainable system that benefits everyone. “Abercrombie’s sustainability plan offers recycled outdoor fabrics at the same price as non-recycled counterparts. “It costs us a little more, but it’s going to stimulate a system that makes that smart choice easier and easier to make as time goes on,” Regan said.


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Ecovation fabrics by Abercrombie Textiles are high UV outdoor fabrics made with recycled plastic bottles.


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