Making fabric for the world

Abercrombie Textiles manufactures dobby and jacquard fabrics for a variety of applications, including upholstery, bedding, wallcovering and drapery. For over 30 years we have been supplying businesses in the residential, hospitality, outdoor, contract, healthcare, and transportation industries with American-made fabrics.

Our facility is located in the historic weaving town of Cliffside, North Carolina. We are proud to supply customers who depend on us to be at the forefront of design, weaving technology and environmental responsibility.

Our history

The very first building in Cliffside, North Carolina was a gingham mill built in 1902. Over the next four decades the town of Cliffside blossomed up around this mill, complete with storefronts, playgrounds, schools and a railroad. In the 1970s, Cliffside added a denim mill. In 1995 our jacquard weaving facility opened for business, supplying decorative fabric to businesses across the world.

In the eleven decades since Cliffside wove its first roll of fabric our styles and techniques have changed drastically, but the goal remains the same: To bring the artistry of textiles and the richness of community together in one place.

Art archive

Part of creating hundreds of new fabrics each year is having a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips. Our art archive is just that. Dating back 200 years with over 300 volumes, our library touches on everything from silk jacquards, to jacobean prints, to art deco and styles of the 20th century.

Contact us to set up a viewing of the archive and have a consultation with our design team about how it can benefit your product line.

Sneak peek

Watch this video to take a look inside of an American textile mill.