2014 Outdoor fabric is here!

2014 Outdoor fabric is here!

The Abercrombie Textiles 2014 outdoor fabric collection is here! Attendees at ITMA Showtime on Dec. 9-13 will get to see the collection when they visit Abercrombie’s showroom at 333 S. Wrenn St.

Abercrombie Textiles built on their 2013 collection by adding more textures in the $5.50-$7.50 range, as well as more Indoor/Outdoor patterns ($9.95-16.95) and textures ($8.95-9.95) that combine high UV performance with soft a hand that is designed for upholstery in the home.

Some highlights in the 2014 collection include…

Up-the-roll stripes

Bleach cleanability

Fabrics made with Repreve® recycled fiber

Contact us to see the new 2014 outdoor collection.

Indoor / Outdoor stripes

Eclectic up-the-roll stripes are a part of the Abercrombie Textiles 2014 outdoor collection


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