Casual Living Magazine Feature on Outdoor Fabric

Casual Living Magazine Feature on Outdoor Fabric

JULY 1, 2012

Excerpts taken from CASUAL LIVING MAGAZINE–

“The advances in alternative premium yarns, like polyester, have opened up new horizons for Abercrombie to offer our customers,” said John Regan, CEO, Abercrombie Textiles, Cliff side, N.C., “We can now offer better sustainability, better water protection and better stain protection, a completely sustainable system that benefits everyone. “Abercrombie’s sustainability plan offers recycled outdoor fabrics at the same price as non-recycled counterparts. “It costs us a little more, but it’s going to stimulate a system that makes that smart choice easier and easier to make as time goes on,” Regan said.


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Ecovation fabrics by Abercrombie Textiles are high UV outdoor fabrics made with recycled plastic bottles.


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